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The environment - water, trees, air and sun - is one of the most basic linkages among people. Most of us are deeply inspired by the power of water and the role that nature plays in our lives and in our communities to bring people of all values and faiths closer to their creator.

Patuxent Riverkeeper has joined with a broadbased coalition of churches from many denominations to carry this message to our young people and to simultaneously find new ways to forge closer bonds between people of all faiths.

The purpose of this coalition is to build a movement that celebrates the spiritual role that nature and the environment play in our community, and in particular help spread opportunities for all to experience firsthand the spirit of one of Maryland's greatest resource treasures, the Patuxent River. Why the Patuxent? Because any major river like the Patuxent has natural upstream/downstream opportunities to demonstrate both stewardship and the symbiotic relationships among the different communities that share the same resource.


The vision is for places of worship from all seven counties of the Patuxent corridor to send a delegation of young people to kayak or canoe down a section of the river late in 2009. Each group will convey their hopes, prayers and wishes for the environment to the next group in an adjacent section of the river, who will in turn carry this spiritual momentum and energy until it eventually reaches the Chesapeake Bay in Solomon's, MD.

This spiritual sojourn will involve overnight camping on the banks of the river, and will include opportunities for young and old to learn about the beauty of our river, its marine life, history and folklore, and the many contributions made by the river to the quality of life we enjoy. In addition, the young people will experience first hand the many environmental and manmade challenges facing the river and the vital role that stewardship must play in protecting it for future generations.


This effort is being spearheaded by Trinity Methodist Church in Prince Frederick and Bethany Church in Ellicott City. So far the Patuxent Riverkeeper group has agreed to help by providing organizational assistance, boating equipment and technical support. But we want this to be a true collaboration and for that we need participation from as many different groups as possible, whatever their belief system. It will require the advice, guidance, support and volunteer efforts of many.

If you are interested in participating in this adventure, then please:

  • Consider providing a representative to serve on the advisory group. We need your insight, guidance and involvement to ensure this sojourn is truly representative of the spiritual community along the Patuxent.
  • Present this idea to the youth ministry or comparable group at your place of worship in order to help generate interest from those who would like to paddle a portion of the Patuxent.
  • Help us get the word out as widely as possible to reach people who might want to play some role in this project.

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